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Breaking News: How One Man Profited While ‘Brexit’ Sank The Global Financial System.

Leon Moreton - TopTrading.News

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years, you've heard all about Brexit.

In a shocking move, the United Kingdom voted decisively to leave the European Union completely. This one vote sent ripples through the financial system, wiping over $2 trillion off of the markets, being felt most strongly in Asia. Investor panic led to the Tokyo stock exchange falling 357 points in the aftermath of the crash. Further effects were seen in the currency markets, commodities, and elsewhere.

But, just like during the housing market crash and ensuing global economic crisis of 2008, a handful of smart people are poised to profit from the chaos.

John Carson is one of them.

John is a former high school teacher who left his job to pursue trading full time. When John quit his job, his family told him he was insane. And yet John has been gradually building up a monthly income from trading that enabled him to retire from teaching at just 35 years old.

When we caught up with John, Brexit votes were just coming in and global stock exchanges were getting hammered. Market commentators were talking doom and gloom, a new recession, and even the end of the EU as we know it. Despite all this, John was up an amazing 1250% in his trading that day.

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How John Pocketed His Profits When Everyone Else Was Losing Money

We caught up with John on the day of his big payout, to find out how he did it.

"Well" John said,

"I'd like to say it's thanks to some secret or genius of my own, but I can't. It's all thanks to a system I use called ‘Binary Options,' which let you profit no matter what's happening in the markets… I have a personal assistant who advises me on all my trades. Whether it's up, down, or sideways, I make money."

Yes, you heard that right:

Even when the market is DOWN, John can make money.

And so he did on the eve of Brexit when, before the exchanges had closed for the day, he was up a tidy 1250% in his account.

But John is quick to point out that he has no special talent. John is not a market wizard with a Wharton MBA sitting in a Wall Street penthouse somewhere--he is a retired teacher who trades in his spare time. What enables John to make money is a special Binary Options trading system that he was lucky enough to stumble upon 2 years ago.

John explains:

"I never thought I would become a trader. I was never much good at math, and never had much of a stomach for risk. But then a friend of mine told me about a system called QuickOption, where you get a personal financial advisor who provides you with expert trading advice. I figured I'd give it a try."

On his first day with QuickOption, John deposited a small amount of just $250--far less than most hedge funds require as a buy-in amount. John explained that he was skeptical at first, so he deposited only a small sum with the broker.

He was astonished when, the following day, his $250 had ballooned to $947.

By the following week, that $947 had grown to $2,154.

John was hooked. Within a month of discovering QuickOption, John decided to quit his job and trade full time.

2 years later, he would stumble on the biggest trading opportunity of his life--at a time when most investors were taking their money OUT of the markets.

John Sees Major Opportunity As Brexit Looms

It was in June of 2016 that John Carson first heard of Brexit. He read the news stories saying that the UK was threatening to leave the European Union, and that the global financial markets were panicking.

"I knew I had nothing to worry about" he said,

"Binary Options work whether markets go up or down, you just need to pick the direction of the price swing correctly, and my personal assistant's advice had never failed me up to that point. Volatile markets usually mean opportunity to profit, so I made a point of trading on the day the Brexit vote happened."

And so he did.

On Friday, June 24, John Carson sat down at his computer and got ready to trade. He had QuickOption running on his mobile phone, with his personal assistant May Robinson handing him trading signals to help him make intelligent trades.

"I knew the markets were panicking, but with May advising me, I was confident I could profit that day. She had rarely been wrong before, and as I'd learned from years of trading, volatility is an opportunity to profit."

And profit he did.

By the end of trading on June 24th, John had put an extra $340,451 in his trading account--a gain of 1250% on his initial investment in just one day.

"I wasn't surprised" John said. "I was used to making consistent money in bull or bear markets. With QuickOption, it doesn't matter whether the market is going up or down, you can profit even if the sky is falling."

John Isn't The Only One.

It might be tempting to write off John Carson' Brexit profits as a ‘stroke of luck.' But the fact is, John wasn't the only one who profited handsomely trading that day.

Thousands of other QuickOption users have learned that it's possible to make money in bull or bear markets, with the help of automated Binary Options trading signals.

Binary Options are a special type of options that pay you a return of 80-90% for every winning trade.

With most stock market or Forex trades, your profit equals the change in the price...

... So, if you're trading a stock and it goes up 20%, you make 20%.

Not so with Binary Options.

With Binary Options you make 80-90% on any trade you predict correctly. Even if the underlying asset only moves 1%, you get a massive payout.

All you need to do is predict the DIRECTION of the price swing, NOT the amount.

Of course, in and of itself, predicting price change direction can be a challenge. But the genius of QuickOption is that you are provided with your own, personal trading assistant advising so you don't need to analyze the market yourself.

The result is a nearly-automated system where all you need to do is accept or reject the signals provided by your assistant.

John explains,

"With QuickOption, I don't need to read stock charts or study the market. My assistant, May, does all the analysis and provides me with trading signals. And more often than not, she's right."

For John, his approach has paid off handsomely.

But he's not the only one.

Thousands of other people around the world are making money with Binary Options trading signals.

Kim, a former Yoga instructor from New Jersey, made $5,145 last month trading on her lunch breaks.

Arnold, a welder who got laid off during the recession, is making over $6,000 a month trading from home.

Dane, a personal trainer in Los Angeles, has supplemented his main income by trading on his mobile phone between client sessions.

And of course, there are plenty of smaller success stories, like Dave, a college student who makes an extra $1500 a month to help with his tuition.

Over 640 people are currently trading with QuickOption, having the time of their lives and making extra income while they're at it.

What all these people have in common is that they took action, and decided to try the QuickOption system.

However, there is one important thing to stress:

Not everyone qualifies to trade with QuickOption. As the company representative, Philip told us:

"With a system this powerful, we can't let just anyone join. We have to make sure that only those who are most committed to succeeding become part of the system. So we do screen all potential applicants to make sure they are the right fit--but if you are someone who is passionate about making extra income, and have the determination to make this work for you, I can almost guarantee you are a great candidate for QuickOption."

It's a simple approach that has paid off massively for QuickOption and its many traders.

One thing that's certain is this:

The fallout from Brexit is FAR from over. The good news in the Brexit vote is that it is going to move markets out of the doldrums, make them insanely volatile, and tee-up lots of plays from now on, for the foreseeable future, for all of us to take full advantage of.

Could you be the "next big Brexit Winner"?

With QuickOption's 24/7 personal trading assistance, it's not a question of if, but when.

Click the link below to see if you qualify to join QuickOption today. It costs nothing to sign up, and a world of potential profits awaits you.

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David Geall

Good luck to him….Looks like he’s enjoying his life while getting rich.

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Traders must hate this new online trick!

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John Iortyer

Can people outside Europe trade with QuickOption?.

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Leon Moreton

Yes John, you can apply from most countries except USA.

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charlie d

i signed up with the link and got the bonus instantly. easiest $250 i every made. can’t wait to see if this thing works

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first I heard about binary options was back in 2010. back then you needed to work in the city to get anywhere near it. my dad’s mate made an absolute fortune trading it. now its open to the masses. is that a good thing? some people don’t know what to do with too much money, look at all those lottery winners end up depressed. each to their own i suppose, i prefer work for my money its not get rich quick but its satisfying.

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This is awesome

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Mrs Marilyn Scott

I really hope that’s he’s donating some money for charity instead of showing-off his cash bundles on a bed.

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Good luck to this young man

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Obscene opulence amongst extreme poverty. Bad luck to this parasite!

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Jealousy is not attractive. how dare calling a successful person a parasite? Shows your Intelligence

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Pamella Lewitt

What a person spends his or her earnings on is their own choice. My preference given the same circumstances would be to spend it giving pleasure to children with terminal illnesses but that’s my choice not anyone else’s. So do what is right for you not what is right for someone else.

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Pay off my mortgage please !

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I tried to sign up last month and was turned away from every broker. its so hard to get an account these days. but your link worked! thanks this is awesome can’t wait to start.

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Rob Chatter

I’m still not so sure about this although I have signed up…

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Kathleen Green

Congratulations on your success .you deserve all you have. IV worked all my life and got basic comforts. Wud love a nicer car to escorts my grandchildren on our travels.they wud love a campervan .wish I would have done what you’re doing years ago. At 64 I’m still working for basics … a very well done to you. Enjoy !

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Kathleen Green

Always thought it was a fairytale ..feeling sorry now that I didn’t accept ! My loss.

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Open an school please teach us do it fabulous!! Working from home less traffic in London !

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